How the Visa Machine Works

The Visa Machine is designed to make getting your visas as simple as possible. It will guide you through the paperwork and save you hours of queueing and frustration.

1  Choose your visas and invites

The obvious first step is to select the the visas you need for your trip. As you choose each country you need to specify which type of visa you want. Tourist visa, business visa, single entry etc...

2  Fill out the paperwork

Once you have chosen your visas and paid the fees The Visa Machine switches into paperwork mode. This will help you fill out all of the forms correctly for each embassy.

3  Send it all to us

This is the great bit where you sit back and do nothing and we run around Embassies filling out forms and negotiating letters of invitations

4  Track your visa's progress

If, while you are sitting around doing nothing about your visas, you get to wondering how it's all going, you can log in at any time to see how things are progressing. Once it's all done, your passport will simply appear through the post with your new visas in it. Simple!

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